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What causes hair loss in women?

Unfortunately, the phenomenon of hair loss is becoming increasingly prevalent among women. If hair suddenly starts falling out in tufts, this is known as diffuse hair loss. This has various different causes, including organic causes such as thyroid malfunction, infections with a fever, serious surgery, taking certain medications, or crash diets. Stress and psychological strain are in particularly playing an increasing role for women. However, women suffer at least as often from thinning of the hair in the crown area, with the scalp suddenly becoming visible – a huge shock! This hereditary/hormonal hair loss generally first becomes noticeable over time, as it typically does not involve sudden major hair loss. It usually affects women who already have rather thin, fine hair – and who are then hit especially hard.

Some women also experience sudden hair loss after pregnancy or the menopause. Hormonal imbalance causes hair loss which is generally suffered by women who have a genetic predisposition to it.

Alopecia areata (spot baldness) also occurs very suddenly. It generally only appears on isolated patches of the scalp, but in extreme cases hair loss can also result in baldness not restricted to the head. It is assumed that this is the result of an autoimmune response from the body.

Stages of alopecia in women:

  • Stage 0: Normal hair growth.
  • Stage I: The beginnings of hair thinning in the crown area; only visible when parting the hair; frontal fringe 1-3 cm wide already discernible. Hair pull test positive.
  • Stage II: Marked, visible hair thinning in the crown area. Frontal fringe 1-3 cm wide clearly apparent.
  • Stage III (rare): Pronounced balding in the frontoparietal area, the frontal fringe remains.

Hereditary/hormonal hair loss in women typically develops as follows:

          What causes hair loss in men?

          Men are most often affected by hereditary hair loss: the hair follicles react to DHT, a by-product of the male sex hormone testosterone, with a hypersensitivity. This hair loss develops rather gradually and results in the typical receding hairline, leading to a characteristic bald pate with just a fringe of hair.

          Hair loss as a consequence of illness, malnutrition, or psychological problems is very rare in men.

          Stages of alopecia in men:

          Male hair loss is classified according to the Hamilton-Norwood scale.

          This scale describes seven types of genetic hair loss in men. It was developed by Hamilton in 1951 and modified by Norwood in 1975.

            • Typ I: No or very minor visible hair loss.
            • Typ II: Hair loss at the front and towards the back of the head. A slightly receding hairline.
            • Typ III: The hairline is now receding towards the back of the head and is in a form identifiable to observers. A tonsure (circle) may also develop at the back of the head.
            • Typ IV: The forehead area becomes balder and the tonsure larger. The two affected areas start to move towards each other.
            • Typ V: The areas of pronounced hair loss are now only separated by a narrow border.
            • Typ VI: The areas of hair loss merge together.
            • Typ VII: The conventional appearance of hair only remains as a fringe of hair (donor area), and a fully bald head has developed.

            Am I affected by hair loss? How can I tell if Thymuskin will work for me?

            Often, subjective perception of how much hair loss has actually occurred differs from the objective result. Help is available in the hair count test, developed by us and very easy to perform: take a look at our FAQs under "How do I best carry out the Thymuskin hair count test".

            Where can I buy Thymuskin?

            Over the counter throughout Germany, in all pharmacies, and from selected hairdressers. It is also available online from various mail-order pharmacies and in the Thymuskin e-store:

            Is it true that wearing a cap can result in hair loss? Does stress cause hair loss?

            Researchers discovered long ago that stress is not a purely emotional problem, but instead has a direct impact on our physical health. We now know that even the hair and scalp are sensitive to excessive pressure and worry. Despite being commonly thought of as decoration for the head, hair is not a fashion accessory which we can just decide whether or not to cut, but instead forms part of our body and can therefore become the result of a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle.

            Find out more here:

            Does colouring damage the hair?

            Colouring does not cause hair loss in principle, but you should be aware that in any case it is a major invasion of the hair structure. When colouring your hair, the hair should be healthy, the preparations used should care for the hair as much as possible and colouring procedures should not be undertaken at too frequent intervals. If the selected shade is entirely different to the natural hair colour, only the roots should be retouched at frequent intervals. Coloured hair definitely needs intensive care. After colouring the hair a conditioner should be used, if possible Thymuskin Hair Balsam Rinse.

            Is it true that egg white or beer is good for my hair?

            If you have already tried beer as a rinse conditioner it’s well worth noting that egg white and beer only have a positive influence on the hair shaft by making hair that has already been washed silkier and improving its shine. Neither have an effect on hair loss or hair growth. The time and effort involved are also great (stickiness and smell), so it is better to rely on normal commercial products and special care products as necessary.

            As a woman with thin, dry hair which falls out when I wash it, I would like to have a perm. Will a perm damage my hair?

            You should strictly only consider having a perm when your hair is healthy. If your hair is already damaged, a perm can only make this condition worse. You should therefore resolve the hair loss first and strengthen and care for the hair you have got. After a perm it is advisable to use a long-lasting conditioner – such as Thymuskin Hair Balsam Rinse.

            As a woman I suffer from a scalp which gets greasy very quickly, which means I have to wash my hair every day. What can I do to prevent this?

            The reason why scalps get greasy very quickly is increased sebaceous gland secretion. The causes of this are only partly known. As well as hereditary factors, hormones, emotions and neurological disorders also play a role. To decide which treatment is best for you we recommend that you consult a dermatologist and use Thymuskin shampoo.

            I do not have any hair loss, but over time my hair is getting constantly thinner. Can Thymuskin help me here?

            Yes, Thymuskin can prevent the progress of thinning hair, preserve the existing hair and stimulate new hair growth by activating the follicles.

            What can I do about dull, brittle and lacklustre hair?

            We have obtained good results here with Thymuskin Gold Shampoo. It contains twice the amount of active substances together with selected haircare ingredients to revitalise and regenerate the hair. Thymuskin Gold Shampoo should be used every time you wash your hair and left to work for at least 5-10 minutes, then rinsed out with lukewarm water.

            I suffer from increased hair loss every spring, which usually lasts until summer. Can I do something to prevent this with Thymuskin?

            This so-called temporary hair loss, which is mostly observed in women and is referred to by specialists as “chronic telegen effluvium”, can be treated very effectively with Thymuskin. As a clinical study has impressively confirmed, the hair loss is generally markedly reduced or stopped within 12 to 16 weeks. We therefore recommend that you use Thymuskin before the start of this critical period.

            I am only 20 and I can already see the first signs of a receding hairline. What can I do to prevent this?

            Genetically determined hair loss can start early. In men it typically starts with the progression of a receding hairline, while women notice it as their hair becomes thinner in the area of their parting. If used in good time, Thymuskin can halt the progression of androgenetic alopecia, preserve the existing hair and stimulate new hair growth.

            Can Thymuskin cure hereditary hair loss?

            No, hereditary hair loss is not curable, because as the name says it is inherited. This means that Thymuskin has to be used repeatedly, with breaks. Ideally you should use it as a course of curative treatment, then as soon as the hair loss has stopped you can switch to a lower dose of Thymuskin. After another 3 months Thymuskin can be reduced to the extent that only Thymuskin Shampoo is used. Thymuskin Prevent has been designed for the periods between the phases of hair loss, when it should be used preventively and as follow-up care.

            I have been using Thymuskin for some time, but because my hair is very fine I need a styling mousse and hairspray. Can I use both of these, too?

            Yes, that is not a problem because they are finishing products which are used after the Thymuskin Hair Treatment has been applied. But please note that you should wash your hair every time before applying the Thymuskin Hair Treatment again. Since there can be residues of mousse and hairspray on your scalp, there is a risk of these being massaged into your scalp with the Thymuskin Hair Treatment, which can lead to skin irritations.

            Why do you need to wash your hair beforehand with Thymuskin Shampoo before applying the Thymuskin Hair Treatment?

            Firstly because Thymuskin Shampoo prepares your scalp ideally for the Thymuskin Hair Treatment. And secondly washing your hair in advance is advisable because every day particles of dirt and dust are deposited on the scalp, which could possibly be massaged into the scalp together with the Thymuskin Hair Treatment and could lead to skin irritations.

            Can I have my hair highlighted despite using Thymuskin?

            Yes, of course, that is not a problem at all. Just make sure you use high quality products or let your hairdresser advise you.

            I have slight hair loss; is Thymuskin Shampoo sufficient here?

            All the studies of the effectiveness of Thymuskin have been carried out strictly with combined use of Thymuskin Shampoo and Hair Treatment. But there are also users who report that Thymuskin Shampoo is effective in treating slight hair loss. In this case you should allow the Thymuskin Shampoo to work for at least 5 minutes. If there are no signs of improvement after around 4 weeks, you should use Thymuskin Hair Treatment in addition.

            Ideally at what time of day should I use the Thymuskin products?

            There are no strict rules here. You can entirely coordinate the use of Thymuskin with your usual habits: many people wash and style their hair in the morning, while other people prefer to do this in the evening.

            You recommend washing your hair every time before using Thymuskin Hair Treatment. But then I am afraid that I will lose even more hair while washing my hair. Can I wash my hair less often, too?

            Washing your hair does not cause any increase in hair loss. The hair which falls out would have been lost sooner or later anyway. In principle it is possible to wash your hair only 2-3 times a week and use Thymuskin Hair Treatment every day. On the days when you do not wash your hair, please be careful not to use any styling products which might build up on your hair to avoid massaging these into your scalp

            Can I blow dry my hair after using Thymuskin Hair Treatment?

            You should refrain from using your hairdryer immediately after applying Thymuskin Hair Treatment. This is because if the air from the dryer which reaches your scalp is too hot it will cause your scalp to sweat, and valuable ingredients and active substances in Thymuskin could be lost. If you can not manage without your hair dryer, please wait for at least 10 minutes and dry your hair with air that is as cold as possible, or ensure that the warm air from the dryer does not directly reach the scalp.

            Can Thymuskin Hair Treatment also be used on dry hair?

            Thymuskin Hair Treatment can also be used very effectively on dry hair: to do so, part the hair carefully, apply Thymuskin Hair Treatment directly to the scalp and massage in carefully. None of the Thymuskin Hair Treatments or Hair Treatment Gels leave a greasy film. However, it is important always to apply Thymuskin Hair Treatments or Hair Treatment Gels directly onto the scalp and NOT onto the hair!

            I have just been on a diet and lost some weight, but I am now suffering from substantial hair loss. What can I do?

            Thymuskin can help very well here. As a result of your diet your entire organism has become confused, and unfortunately the roots of your hair are suffering from this too. In order to build up the hair follicles again and stop the premature hair loss, you should use Thymuskin Med or Gold Shampoo every day in combination with the Hair Treatment. You will also need to be a little patient until your organism has regained its equilibrium.

            I have had major hair loss since the birth of my child. Can Thymuskin help me?

            So-called postpartum effluvium occurs after giving birth and the cause is hormonal. After you have given birth, your oestrogen level falls and as a consequence hairs increasingly remain in the so-called resting phase of the hair cycle, and fall out 3 months later. The growth phase is shortened and the hair cycle changes, which is perceived as “increased” hair loss and varies in nature from case to case. Because our hormone system is very sensitive, it takes time for everything to get sorted out again. Thymuskin can help: we have obtained very good results with diffuse hair loss and chronic telegenic effluvium in particular.

            How can I best carry out the Thymuskin hair count test to monitor the decline in my hair loss?

            Our subjective perception of how much hair is actually falling out is often different to the objective finding. The hair count test that has been developed can help here, and it is very easy to do:

            1) Wash your hair over a closed wash basin on a set day of the week (which you then stick to).

            2) Pull out any hairs in the washbasin using a comb, for example, and place them onto a tissue or something similar.

            3) Then count the hairs and enter the number in your Thymuskin hair passport or a table. The time of the first wash is called TO.

            4) Now carry out the hair count test again every week on the specified day. In this way you can monitor the progress of your hair loss and the success of Thymuskin.

            5) Very important: please stick to your normal hair washing rhythm without fail! You can request your Thymuskin hair passport free of charge from or download it free of charge on our website

            Why are there so many different Thymuskin products and how do I find my way around them?

            Thymuskin is the only hair loss remedy in the world which takes account not only of the different degrees of hair loss, but also the individual condition of the hair and scalp, because everyone is different! The Thymuskin product finder will give you help and guidance on finding the right Thymuskin. You can download the Thymuskin product finder on our website ( or request it from us free of charge at We would also be pleased to advise you; simply send an email to the address above.

            I have to undergo chemotherapy; can Thymuskin protect me against hair loss?

            Thymuskin can prevent hair loss in cases of slight to moderate chemotherapy. You should start using Thymuskin shampoo and hair treatment at least 4 weeks before your chemotherapy.

            I have been suffering from hair loss for some time, and my scalp is itchy and flaky. Can I still use Thymuskin?

            You are possibly suffering from eczema of the scalp, which definitely needs to be treated before you use Thymuskin. We therefore advise you to find a dermatologist without fail and clarify this beforehand. Once the eczema has been treated there is no reason why you should not successfully use Thymuskin.

            Can I combine Thymuskin with other substances to combat hair loss and thus eliminate my hair loss faster?

            In principle there are no objections to such a combination and it is ultimately a question of your wallet. However we would advise you to leave a sufficient interval of time between the different applications. In addition, other substances are often associated with side effects, which is not the case with Thymuskin. To prevent these too, we recommend a “safety interval” between applications of at least 8-10 hours. However, you are unlikely to be able to stop the hair loss quickly with a combination of this kind, because the natural hair cycle can not be overridden, and patience and consistency are definitely necessary.

            With whom does Thymuskin work better, men or women?

            There are no gender-specific differences in the effect of Thymuskin. However, women usually do better in our studies. But this is due to the fact that women generally use Thymuskin products more regularly and more consistently than men. Otherwise there are no differences in terms of effectiveness.

            Do Thymrevit capsules contain animal ingredients?

            Yes, but only the casing of the capsules, which consists of animal gelatine. The active agent itself consists of amino acids of vegetable and fermented origin.

            The leaflet in the pack states that Thymrevit capsules should be taken half an hour before breakfast. I can’t manage that; is an hour before breakfast alright, too?

            Yes, the timing is variable and is only an approximate value. You can take the capsules earlier too, but the minimum gap before the next meal should be approximately half an hour so that the Thymrevit capsules can become effective unhindered.

            I also take other medication in the morning; how should I ideally use Thymrevit?

            There are no known interactions with Thymrevit, but you should always leave a minimum gap of one hour between taking different active ingredients.

            I never eat breakfast. Can I take Thymrevit despite this, because the capsules are supposed to be taken before breakfast?

            Of course, that is not a problem at all. It is simply the case that the capsules should be taken before you eat

            Can I also take Thymrevit capsules in the evening?

            Taking the capsules on an empty stomach ensures the greatest possible effect. You can also take the capsules in the evening, but please wait for at least 3 hours after the last meal and take the capsules at least half an hour before your evening meal.

            I am currently receiving chemotherapy. Can I also use Thymrevit capsules during chemotherapy?

            If you have cancer, Thymrevit capsules should only be used after consulting your doctor. Thymrevit should not be taken during chemotherapy, and should only be taken afterwards once it is certain that no metastases have formed and the tumour has been completely removed.

            I am often tired and run down; can Thymrevit help me?

            In this case too you should consult your doctor without fail and clarify what lies behind these symptoms. Thymrevit generally brings about a clear improvement in this case in particular, by activating and regulating immunological processes. Many users notice a marked improvement in the symptoms described after using Thymrevit for at least 3-4 weeks.

            I am suffering from burnout. Would Thymrevit make sense here?

            Stress puts a burden on our organism and if it lasts for a long time can also have a negative impact on our immune system. Thymrevit is effective here and supports the body’s powers of self-healing, so that generally an improvement occurs after around 4-6 weeks.

            I would like to support my immune system during the typical periods for catching colds in spring and late autumn. Would Thymrevit make sense here?

            Yes, totally. Thymrevit can support the work of the immune system in a variety of ways. A practical medical study has confirmed that Thymrevit can clearly reduce the infectious period. To use it preventively, you should start taking Thymrevit 1mg at least 4 weeks before the critical period and take the capsules for around 3 months.

            Will my health insurance company reimburse me for the costs of Thymrevit?

            As a matter of principle probably not. However, there are exceptions when the doctor prescribes Thymrevit due to medical indications. In any event you should consult your doctor and your health insurance company beforehand.

            Does Thymrevit have side effects?

            In more than 5 years of using Thymrevit we have not become aware of any side effects.

            Where can I buy Thymrevit?

            Here in Germany at any pharmacy and from our online shop. In other countries there are only occasional Thymrevit distributors, so in this case please send us a direct inquiry to

            How does Phytoskin day cream differ from the night cream?

            The night cream contains a little more fat and is therefore more suitable for penetrating the skin overnight. However, everyone is different, so the night cream can also be used during the day and the other way round.

            I often have an itchy scalp and small pustules on my head. Can I use Phytoskin here and if so, which products?

            Phytoskin is also very effective in this case. We recommend Phytoskin Scalp Tincture and possibly also a Phytoskin cream. Firstly moisten the affected areas with the Phytoskin Scalp Tincture and massage in lightly. Then apply a very thin layer of Phytoskin Psoriasis Day Cream to the areas. Continue to use for as long as necessary.

            I have to use a cream containing cortisone for my psoriasis. Can I still use Phytoskin as well, or will this cause problems?

            Clinical tests have shown that our Phytoskin creams can be used at the same time as cortisone creams and can reduce the amount of cortisone required. They can also reduce the flare-up periods so that ultimately less cortisone is needed. There is no reason why you should not use them simultaneously, but make sure you stagger the application.

            Why are the Phytoskin creams and tinctures dark brown in colour?

            This comes from the plant raw materials used and is due to the so-called suspended particles. This natural colour develops because the products are natural, uncoloured and unscented. It is absolutely harmless.

            How often should I use Phytoskin products every day? Thanks to Phytoskin the itching disappears quickly but sometimes comes back again later.

            Phytoskin preparations can always be used as needed and can naturally be applied several times a day without any problems. Over time you will notice that you need to apply the cream less frequently; this is the protective effect of our preparations.

            I have a very sensitive scalp which often feels itchy or burns slightly. Can I use Phytoskin Scalp Tincture on it?

            Yes, of course, because especially the active agent comfrey which is used in this product reduces itching and counteracts infections.

            Why do Phytoskin creams leave a white film when you apply them?

            Because these are so-called two-phase creams, at first a white film forms which lies on the skin like a protective layer. The cream should now be worked in further with light circular movements as far as the skin condition allows until the film has entirely disappeared.

            * Individual results may vary